Monday, June 27, 2011

I went to a party Saturday and talked with a friend who has been living in Singapore, on the equator. he talked aboutthe days and nights being the same length all years around. And of course, DUH!, the yare at the equator. i realized how I just don't think about that, think of winter and summer solstice as having an intrinsic spiritual meaning. I am a creature limited by my experience, always stretching to see from other perspectives.


Mary said...

Singapore is beautiful. Clean. Friendly. Modern. I could go back tomorrow. Didyour friend tell you there is absolutely NO unemployment there?

Victoria said...

Mary, my friend didn';t talk about the absence of unemployment, but he did say that the people in Singapor are vitalized, not depressed like he sees man Americans, more hopeful. He also says the college students he teaches are more respectful and less difficult than American students. He likes most things about Singapore, just not the weather, which he says is relentlessly hot and humid or the fact that the days are the same length all year around.