Sunday, April 10, 2011

Its been almost a month since I've written here, or feels like that at least, really not quite three weeks. Time feels fast and slow and all mixed up. I'm working hard at work and at home which is goopd and sometimes difficult. Ruth and Liam and I planted Gerber daisies in the front yard this morning, in front of the deck that's been there barely a year if that. K.K. and I took Zumba class together this afternoon. She sparkled and I sputtered, but I made it through and felt more alive for moving my body. Bob and I wrote letters for Amnesty International with the local action group, our third month now, and I'm beginning to feel like a real part of this group and getting to know some of the people slightly. The abuses of human rights all around the world are horrifying and it does feel good to be able to do or write a little to fight those horrors. It is hot here, which doesn't seem right for April, like summer skipped spring. I don't like that. The heat isn't bad, but the untimeliness bothers me.

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