Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bob and I are down at the coast tonight. We have been doing some research for a scene in the novel which will happen down here. It's been a sweet day. We were entertained by a surreal chorus of bull frogs, and a got a great look at one of the fat shiny green amphibans. I've seen plenty off frogs and toads, but not the bull variety, which is impressive, both to see and to hear in full mating frenzy. Aransas National Wildlife Refuge was the venue for this froggy concert and it was also there we saw a large alligator swimming in the bay. I've seen them there on land or lying in a pond, but not swimming in the bay. It really did look like a log at first, but a SWIMMING log, later with a clearly visible head. That was impressive and fun to watch as long as I didn';t think too much about hte teeth. Tomorrow we will wander backroads collecting ambiance, then pick KK up in San Antonio after a little Easter time with the Christian branch of the family and head home. I like our runaways when we manage them.

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