Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Today is my 59'th birthday and it has been a good day. I am not as focused on birthdays or age as many people I think, but I do notice that this is the last birthday in my fifties. My fifties has been a good decade, one of my best. I used to think of sixty as the beginning of being "old". I don't think that now. Many of my friends are well past sixty and active, adventurous, healthy. Sixty doesn't scare me, but I do know that as we get older losses of members of our own generation will get more frequent and that makes me sad. I remember my friend Dolly who died suddenly last spring.

I do love that my birthday is the day the nights start to get shorter, the days longer, the day of the invisible beginning of light's return. That change seems especially fitting this year. The fall has been rich with so much change, mostly good. I just hope, hope, hope that Joanna's house will close tomorrow and satisfactorily after way too many delays.

The co housing with Ruth Chris and Liam is working out delightfully, and the work of pruning belongings, though it will continue at least into the spring, has progressed markedly. I think there is nothing in the kitchen or living room that we have not consciously chosen to keep, and I've made great progress in that direction with clothes, shoes and such. Family pictures and old letters are another story altogether. Maybe next year. Seriously, it does seem more possible than it has in decades to have a real handle on what I keep.

Liam has his own room, lovingly painted by his Mom in Pacific northwest colors to match the mural of La Push that adorns one wall. He slept a good portion of last night alone in the bed in his room, a surprise to all of us. Bob and I are resettled in the middle bedroom with the pull down wall bed, and like having more space when the bed is up. Bob finally has drawers and a half closet of his own for the first time since we started the cohousing. We have a beautiful green wall that will feature our Navajo tree of life rug and shelves for treasures.I think the bedroom situation is resolving now into one that really works for all of us. Still boxes to go through - still a box in the middle of my bedroom floor in fact - but better, much better.

I only worked a little today - had lunch at my favorite Indian buffet with Ruth, Liam, and Bob, and walked with Bob at dusk at McKinney Falls. We talked about the possibility of his shifting to teaching high school math and looking for a job in Austin, or even a fourth grade job in Austin. His school in Corpus is a great fit, but, with five school years until retirement, the idea of living together full time again appeals. We'll see. The highlight of our walk was the sight of over thirty Great American egrets on the shores of Onion Creek.


Anonymous said...

Sending belated birthday wishes..for a year filled with good health and joy CA

Bob Hendricks said...

It is fitting that your birthday falls at the beginning of increased sun lignt since you bring so much light to so many people.

Mary said...

Glad that you had such an enjoyable birthday, and I definitely understand reflecting that this is your last birthday in your 50's. I remember thinking about that too, having enjoyed my 50's so much, and wondering what the 60's would bring.

It would indeed by nice if Bob were able to find a teaching job in Austin. I wish him success in this if he decides it is something he wants.

mary j. said...

Victoria, I am behind in the blog world; reading, and even more, writing! But I enjoyed belatedly reading your last few posts – reflecting on your birthday and the new year. I am glad it has been a good one, and am delighted for all of you in the progress you've made pruning belongings. I am on a similar quest and not so far along, but I too have used our form of co-housing (in surges) as the impetus for getting belongings under control and intentional.

I love how you describe the day of your birthday "the day of the invisible beginning of light's return." Beautiful.

I hope that Bob can find a position in Austin, even a great fit, so that you can enjoy being together year-round again. How wonderful his teaching in Corpus has been, but still with its challenges of being away.

Did Joanna's house close satisfactorily?

Anonymous said...