Saturday, June 27, 2009

To go against the dominant thinking of your friends, of most of the people you see every day, is perhaps the most difficult act of heroism you can perform. Theodore H. White

Wonderful if hot day. It's so nice having Bob home (I know I kep writing that!) I'm proud of us today. We had a flat tire (nail - went flat all of a sudden) coming home from taking K.K. to dance and we managed just fine changing it, even in the over 100 heat. It was also reassuring that a fire truck stopped just as we were finishing to see if we needed help and actually the crew finished bit, but we were fine without help. It was reassuring both that we could manage the tire and also that help was available.

Later in the afternoon we had visits from both Thing One (Liam) and Thing Two (Andrea)a special day. It was especially a great chance for Bob and me to have several sweet hours with Andrea alone. Tray is getting better after his football injury and he was able to be with his team on the bench during the game and Joanna had to work so Andrea stayed at our house. At first Liam and Auntie were visiting and Andrea and Liam had some time to smile at and observe each other - increasingly interested each in the other.

A funny note is that Andrea were dressed in her "Future President of the United States" onesie and Ruth said she had almost dressed Liam in his today. Hers is pink and his blue. I think it's marvelous that it is possible that Andrea, a girl child of color, actually could become President - wasn't so when I was a girl. A?nd of course it's wrong that it's marvelous. We want to get pictures of the cousins in their "future president" onsies before they outgrow them.

Chris came to claim his family after taking his teacher certification exams for English and ESL and he held you for a while. I'm proud of him expanding his professional opportunitues, consciously, intentionally. After their little family left to get dinner Bob and I had Andrea to ourselves.

What a sweet time! Andrea giggled for us and showed us that she can push up on your hands and knees and rock, (a BIG step toward crawling) and she laughed while she was doing it. She also LOVES singing (Joanna told us she did, but I had to see it to understand how much.) For a little while she were crying, really unhappy and I put her in Bob's lap to go make a bottle. I thought she'd just cry until I came back with milk, but he started to sing the French National Anthem in French LOUDLY and she not only stopped crying but calmed completely down, stopped moving at all and just lay in his lap perfectly still staring up at him mezmerized through four or five songs including "Puff the Magic Dragon" and "Amazing Grace ".

She also met Grandpa Bob's porcupine puppet today and loved exploring the little creature (a good friend of Liam's already) giggled out loud when it tickled her back, petted it and (of course) tried valiantly to get her mouth on it. She jumped, flew, rode our knees, drank three bottles, and settled in for several sweet naps pressed right up against me. It is such a joy to be geting to know her better.

A plus at the end of our time was a nice visit with both of your parents. Tray is about to start physical therapy for his leg - a hopeful step and Joanna is working really hard, but is almost at the end of the long frustrating certification process for her store. She is tired, but it is clear she's doing a really good job. I'm proud of both Joanna and Tracy, as well as Ruth and Chris.


Mary said...

What wonderful baby you time you had! I hope too that you can take pictures of the cousins in their "Future President" onesies before they outgrow them.

Lynne said...

I'm way behind reading all the blogs, Victoria, and popped in today after Ann asked me if I'd been reading your "Courage" quotes. I'll do so now, but first I have to say what a joy to read about yours and Bob's time with Liam and Andrea. I could picture it all and hear those giggles. Wonderful how music calms Andrea down. Bob sings the French National Anthem in French? Wow! I'd be mesmerized too.

Anonymous said...