Sunday, June 07, 2009

Good long day - hard in moments because I think I'm tired on some level. I love having Bob home. We went to another basebnall game today and the Longhorns lost - which means another game tomorrow which we'd best win. It's not til evening. Ryuth and Chris invited us to their house for supper - delicious as usual - asiago sausage and artichokes with homemade pasta. Yum! After supper we walked on a trail in their neighborhood - Liam first in stroller then in mobie wrap falling asleep on his Mommy and enjoyed the full moon. It put on a show playing peek-a-boo with the clouds. We played a question game, each of us asking a question which all of us answered - made for much good introspection and sharing. I'll share the questions here and my own answers. Again, the names of the questioneres are in parentheses but the answers are my own only.

(Bob) What book that you read this year was your favorite - Lost Boys by Orsan Scott Card

(Victoria) What would question about yourself or your life would you most want to have answered this time next year? Do I want to change focus between therapy work and writing wisdom work and/or fiction and if so how?

(Ruth) What is the hardest truth you have learned about yourself this year? My level of anxiety/struggle as perceived by many who love me is inconsistent with my view of myself as a happy person and troubles some who love me.

(Ruth) What is the happiest truth you have learned about yourself this year? I like myself body and role and personhood, at the age I am and really am not much afraid of the losses of aging in the way that I once was.

I love talks like this.

I'm nervous tonight because we are going to have a little late birthday party here for Zachary tomorrow (Bob's idea and he's right the kid should have a celebration with grandparents) I'm just not in the mood for hostessing even at a light level and have never been much of a birthday person. Bob will do most of it and I bet I'll have a happy report tomorrow.


Peggy said...

What a wonderful game to do with your family as you walked. I love this idea and I am going to try it with my family. (I can see them rolling their eyes now, but I don't care.) I do love this kind of introspective talk. You all asked great questions and have given me lots to think about myself. And thank you so much for posting my poem. Hugs.

Judy Roney said...

I love this game, Victoria. Bill and I have often played it but we found out my daughter hated it and my brothers just wouldn't answer. I think you have the right group of people to play with and that is always so much fun. You learn things about each other and yourself that you would never glean out any other way.
I love the last answer you gave. Me too.
I do feel that in Skywriters we have this kind of introspection often enough to make me aware of myself and the others in the group.

Anonymous said...