Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The tents are still in the living room. I can't face the camping closet tonight - but we all had fun and really enjoyed the late summer (officially early fall but it was warm day cool night no leaf change yet) hill country. It was probably the last good chance for river swimming - and the first time I've seen all three grand kids spend hours in a river - competent and imaginative - a great play experience for all of us.

It felt right to live in tents (girls and boys) under the full moon. There's no real reason. It rose scarlet, faded to lemon and finally to silver, kept us company all night.

Highlights were coyotes howling in the night, woodpecker tapping as an alarm clock,Zachary's delight at being able to play in the river with the big kids, Danny's total freedom and delight in the water - boy in element, no fear, waking with KK to the sound of gentle rain on our tent in the middle of the night - both of us amazed, all of us hiking a short steep trail to a cave and back down with no incident, managing the food so we were all satisfied, the way the kids helped, listening to Danny tell the story to his mom on the phone, especially his delight in seeing a doe with two big fawns(no more spots) in the woods.

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Ruth said...

So cool! It's fun to picture Zach in the river and Danny with no fear (he really did an amazing job learning to swim this last year!) I'm glad ya'll got the tents and food worked out (Bob managed to get the string back in the water-flap I'm assuming?)

I'm grateful that I've had experiences like the one you are talking about--it's hard to think that for people like Chris all that would be an abstraction. Thanks for giving me that (Even if I complained some!)

Love you