Sunday, October 15, 2006

I enjoyed my family this weekend - felt really wrapped in family. Snuggling with Bob, grocery shopping with Ru, and KK, sitting with Danny at the very back of an almost empty city bus - drilling addition facts and watching the cars. The kids and I decorated for Halloween, slways a favorite activity for me. I get a kick out of KK's desire to show every visitor the three birds (two owls and a raven) who are sort of camoflauged in the decor. I love it that she is getting a kick out of decorating and sharing it, just as I am. I love it that all kids are sharing the fun with me. We also baked our first pumkin pies of the season today and enjoyed them thoroughly. Despite all the pleasures, I'm still feeling a little flat - still waiting for a fierce norther, a sea change of some sort (and crossing my fingers it will be one which does not bring losses with it).

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Ruth said...

I loved ya'lls decorating (and the PIE YUMMY thank you!) The kids are a delight and you make such good seasons.

I too crave the feirce coming on of fall--the crispness in the air, the energy, the change, the excitement. I'm hopeful it will come soon and bring with it all sorts of winter magic.