Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Wedding day dawned cold and crisp, and proceeded at a quick but not frantic pace as Ruth bought the few napkins we still needed for the reception, and all of us dressed and primped. Putting the two little snowflake boys into their brand new suits was less or a production than I expected (one way boys are easer than girls). The pace was more frantic at the bride's house, I’m sure, as evidenced by her DadÂ’s statement, about two hours before the wedding, that he couldn't find a free bedroom or bathroom at home in which to change clothes.

The wedding was beautiful. The bridesmaids' outfits epitomized the blending of American and Peruvian cultures. They wore layered silky golden skirts, very fashionable in the US right now, with gorgeous deep red ponchos PeterÂ’s sister sent from Peru. The effect was graceful and elegant. Sarah, in a simply elegant white gown and her motherÂ’s wedding veil and Peter, whose smile was so bright I barely noticed his attire, vowed their troth with passion and tenderness.

Danny and Zachary, dapper in their suits once Danny got it that the tie is worn INSIDE the jacket, added to the procession. Danny scattered snowflakes from his basket as planned and Zach trailed his big brother, snowflakes remaining in the basket. They paved the way, without a hitch for the beautiful bride.

Sarah and Peter pledged their love to each other and their faith to God. Open prayers of the people tied the two people marrying to the world community as well as the community gathered in the chapel of SarahÂ’s childhood church.

The reception was fun. Danny and even Zachary surprised me with their ability to begin to learn some dance steps from their grown cousins. Watching reminded me of my own childhood – dancing in the SPJST hall – Czech Fraternal organization outside West. We kids danced among the grownups – learned from them, bothered them, delighted them. Everybody danced and you didn’t worry about being good at it any more than you worried about being good at walking. Now at Sarah’s wedding, the dancers were very, very good – but the feeling of dance as part of life reminded me of my own childhood.

The international flavor of Sarah and Peter’s community was exciting, and its warmth reassuring. They are loved by friends as well as family – will have the support they need to meet whatever life dishes out. On the family side, they are fortunate in the number of happy intact long term marriages in their parents’ and grandparents’ generation. Love filled the transformed church hall tonight – a night of celebration

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