Thursday, December 15, 2005

Today I enjoyed being in the classroom with Bob. I think he's turning a corner with the fifth graders, though I know he is still frustrated with how often he has to tell them to be quiet. I had fun working with the newsletter team creating a small newsletter to be given out to the whole school. Writing a newsletter was a goal several of these kids had stated when Bob took over the class and they were proud to achieve it today. The kids were really excited and worked hard to get details right, to find their voices. They were delightfully young - excited about voting on names for the Newsletter and on the color paper they would print it on (a pale yellow) What follows is the "Menger Megaphone, as they wrote it with my help.

The Menger Megaphone


The Cheetahs are our Menger running team. Third, fourth and fifth graders can join the Cheetahs. Coach Medina is our coach. We practice from 3:15 to 4:00 Monday through Thursday, and sometimes on Saturday. We run races and we run very hard. It's great exercise. We like running. It feels good to be on a team. If you want to join Cheetahs, ask Coach Medina.
Alexandra Sanchez

Spelling Bee

Some of Menger’s best spellers competed in a spelling bee which finished up on December fourteenth. The first round was held in the cafeteria, and later rounds were held in Ms. Henna’s room. We were eager to see who would be the best speller. It was a close contest between Alyssa Garcia and Cody Spier, but Cody won. The winning word was “swallow” Both Cody and Marissa will go on to the city competition, with Cody spelling and Marissa as alternate. We wish them luck in moving on to the state spelling bee.
Richie Haas

Fundraising Time

Fundraising is big this year at Menger Elementary. Almost everyone is selling something to raise money for field trips. Our fourth graders are selling flavored popcorn for $1.00 a bag. This reporter likes the white cheddar best. You can buy popcorn in any fourth grade class. Fifth graders are selling World’s Finest Chocolate bars for $1.00 each. You can buy a bar from any fifth grader holding a white box of candy. Do popcorn and chocolate sound yummy? If so, bring money.
Alyssa Garcia
Sabreena Garza

Football Championship

The Menger football team was unstoppable. We had seven wins and no losses. In the final win against the Vikings, the Cowboys had 24 points to the Vikings 22. We were all excited when we won and even Coach Medina was so excited he jumped up in the air. Coach Medina had a video camera and got the game on tape. We took pictures after the game and then got our first place medals. We are proud of our football team.
Marcus Garcia

Choir Update

The Menger choir sang at the PTA meeting on December 8, 2005. After the first grade performed it was time for the choir kids to go on. As we approached the stage the flag fell and almost hit some people in the audience! The choir went on anyway and sang “Survive” and “Up on the Rooftop, The Rap”. The fifth grade girls sang a song with bells and the boys in the front row entertained the audience by playing air guitar. The concert ended with the arrival of our special guest, Santa Claus, who gave out candy canes and chocolate.

On Friday morning, December 9 at 9:00 the choir left on our field trip, excited to travel from place to place, singing our hearts out. We were most excited about our final stop, the port, our school’s adopter. The people at the port loved our songs and gave us a treat of Christmas cookies. After singing at the port we got an even bigger treat. We went to Peter Piper Pizza and played games. The day of the choir trip was a thrilling day.
Marissa Sanchez

Fall Fest

Fall Fest was great. Everyone was there (well, almost). The people who came had a blast. Some
people came in costume or with spray painted hair. You could throw a pie at some V.I.P.s including our principal, Ms. Wilson Ferris. People enjoyed the moon walk, the cake walk and eating nachos, pickles, pizza, and candy.
Richie Haas

Red Ribbon Picnic

The Red Ribbon Picnic took place on Friday, October 28 to remind us how important it is not to use drugs. Everyone had fun eating with friends and family. Our parents brought our favorite foods. Scruffy the detective dog came and danced with us. It was a big treat. This reporter had a very good time.
Alyssa Garcia

Megaphone Staff

Alexandria Sanchez, editor and reporter
Alyssa Garcia, reporter
Marcus Garcia, reporter
Saleena Garza, reporter
Richie Haas, reporter, photographer
Angelica Mendoza, reporter
Marisa Sanchez, reporter

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