Saturday, October 01, 2005

KK and I had a precious ballet weekend - just us while Joanna worked and James took a truckload of furniture and the boys down to Bob in Corpus. KK had two ballet classes and a Nutcracker audition on Saturday and we got to see Stephen Mills' new ballet performed by Ballet Austin on Sunday - a strongly beautiful piece about grace of body. KK is really showing grace of body and spirit herself - in blue velvet or leotard and tights, with her chignon tight (and self made) at the nape of her neck - her posture perfect - using waiting time in the hall outside class to stretch with her therabands - pinning her audition number carefully on her leotart, making sure its straght - wanting to be safely early for the audition - then after audition joyfully showing me dances on the sidewalk, skittering like a mouse, gliding like an angel, grinning over a cup of rootbeer cinnamon shaved ice. It was great having time to just hang out with KK, to eat pizza and play Uno, to talk and laugh, tickle and watch gymnastics moves in the livingroom (temporarily couchless). We also worked on her travels with grandparents scrapbook. I'm impressed with her clarity on which papers she wants to use and her strong style sense as she arranges mementos - also by her memory for our travels. (Thank you Bob for bringing the concept of amazing travel adventures to our family. That's one I wouldn't have pulled off alone.) I love having time alone with any family member and this weekend with KK was a special gift. I feel like we are coming to know each other more deeply and I love it that she is becoming more interested in my stories of the times when her Mama and Auntie were little.

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