Monday, October 24, 2005

I don't feel profound tonight, but it is time to record a bit of the pace here. bob seems a little happier with his class. he is letting them join him for lunch three ata ime and is getting to know them that way. He also is getting a better sense of appropriate pacing and lesson plans. I had fun at the park with Zachary this morning - first time with coats. He was an entranced observer or an elementary school field trip, knew enough to stay out tof the big kids' way and watched everything they did. We watched Kk's character dance class on Saturday - such serious classes now - emphasis on geting it all right, all down - French words for positions, the beat, the body stance - I'm impressed with the concentration of all the kids - and KK especially - so right there.

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Ruth said...

KK's dance class really was amazing. So different than the recitals! I could never have kept up at that pace.