Monday, September 19, 2005

This is a good day to begin a journal - a day of great change. I went to Corpus to meet Bob's second graders. The day started beautifully. I helped several kids edit writings and then, while I was reading a story out loud to the class, Bob was called out of the room for a meeting with the principal. He came back greatly distressed because he is being moved, within the week, to teach fifth grade. He will miss this sweet class of second graders so - and it will be a lot of work to adapt to another grade. There are good aspect - a strong team member, a decent classroom, an appreciative attitude from the administration. By the time I left this evening he was beginning to get used to the idea and start trying to make the change work.


Ruth said...

I'm so proud of Bob--it is such a high compliment that they picked him to move. I know he'll be great! I admit though that I am still shocked by how sudden and drastic the change is!

SeaStar said...

This reading back and forth is strange - blogs and photo journals. I just read yours and it is so cool - I cna't believe the mayor maybe helping her husband murder the neighbor - wierd!