Friday, September 23, 2005

Cloudless sky - no wind at all, very hot - 107 this afternoon! Hurricaine Rita turned, it land between Beaumont and Lake Charles in a relatively unpopulated area. The house is full of people - Ruth and Chris and all of Joanna's kids. We had birthday breakfast for Jo today at Fudruckers and laughted playing 20 questions at the table. "Am I a mammal? Do I have four legs? Do I live in the water? Am I a dolphin?" I love it that KK and Danny are old enough for games like this now. Joanna glows - beautiful at twenty eight (tomorrow). Her kids celebrate her. We made a big banner for her with cut out hearts and everyone's hand prints (Zach's footprints" traced. I loved the attention the kids put into making something sweet for their Mommy. I baked a pound cae from scratch because Jo said she wanted that texture. It didn't turn out great (not moist enough) but I feel good that I tried.

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