Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tonight I rediscovered a woman I went to graduate school with.  We were in her home for an Obama phone bank.  I remember her wedding.  She's still married to the guy she married that day.  It's amazing how much older we all are, and also how much she seems like she was then - efficient, effective, outgoing, together, upbeat.    She has a lovely home with a beautiful pond full of fish out back.  She remembers me too.  I wonder if I seem as natural extension of the young woman in her memory as she seems of the young woman in mine.


Mary said...

It must have been interesting to see her after so many years. It is not often one has such an opportunity. I wonder if you would have been comfortable discussing the subject with her.

Victoria said...

In this case, mary, I absolutely feel comfortable talking with her about how we saw each other then and see each other now. There were too many people around last night and she had hostess duties, but i think she's as interesting in catching up as I am. I will ask her to lunch within the next couple of weeks and ask her if i am a surprise to her.