Monday, March 14, 2011

This week marks the sad end of my daughter Ruth's pregnancy with her daughter Mira. It was redbud time, spring break, soft weather like this when we got the call from the hospital in the middle of the night that she was bleeding, a long sad weekend of hoping that Mira had survived the shock, then the news of death from the sonogram, the D and C and the grief.Mira went from imagined grandchild, hoped for, to dragon fly symbol. Now her little brother Liam is two and often when he sees a dragonfly, live or in art, he tells me "My sister die. Fly away." I'm glad we are a family that remembers our losses and tells the truth. I'm glad we are a family that celebrates life in the presence of death. I'm glad we are able to mourn and remember Miraand to celebrate Liam everyday. I'm up in the middle of the night feeling anxious, and also ver glad of my family, period.

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mary j. said...

Sad again to think of this loss; sweet in your remembering. I really love Liam's association of Mira with dragonflies, and how you have all taught him of her. I am also glad you are a family that remembers losses and tells the truth; it is a good example, and I want to do the same, even though I am sure it is a skill to learn living that out with very young kids.