Thursday, November 04, 2010

I am thinking about work - life work at the moment. I am so fortunate to have life work I love, can do, and that people are willing to pay me for. I heard today on the radio that first time unemployment claims are up again big time this month. I grew up on stories of the Great Depression and nobody is saying these times are as hard s those, but I see so many competent people, friends, family, clients all, looking hard in vain for work of any kind. It's scary. And I see Bob struggling in a difficult, stressful classroom, his hard won second career dream not nurturing him at this time. It's sad. I watch K.K. looking at future work, considering different dance related paths, and my hope for her and all other young people is to be able to find the kind of match in work that I fell, floated into. My being in this office, in this work isn't something I plotted out carefully or could have. I worked hard, learned, shared, and a door opened. It doesn't always work like that. My work situation is one of those "it's not fair" situations in the good direction. It's not fair I have work I love so, when so many have trouble finding work at all. I am profoundly thankful.


Judy Roney said...

I wish for others the kind of job satisfaction that you have as well, Victoria. What a blessing that is. Now when people are grappling for jobs of any kind it is especially clear that those who love what they do are so fortunate. I think that about Bill and his car lot as well and I'm so thankful.

Mary said...

It really IS a blessing when someone finds a job that really matches them! Like you have. You are fortunate indeed.