Tuesday, February 21, 2006

This is a pretty shabby blog entry. I have so much I want to write about - but I'm really pushing to get my auction of beads up on EBay. This is the second auction. The first week was a success and I really want to follow up with a greater variety of beads, but this is taking forever - listing them. I will persevere. And I also will sleep - haven't been doing enough of that.
So I'm going to list a few topics I will be writing about here over the next few days - to jog my memory and my conscience and see that I do it:

The dance performance I saw Sunday with Ruth and KK - a young Choreographer's showcase with a theme of "manners" - and my response to the concept of manners.

The eBay selling experience.

Jean's Papa and his war stories and how much I respect that man - and how much being with him makes me miss Daddy.

The book Clockers.

Doing schoolwork with KK and Danny.

Dealing with parenting mistakes I made.

One observation I will make right now before going to bed is that spring is creeping up on us even though we had freezing rain on Sunday. If you put your eyes two inches away from the stems of Zachary's cypress tree you can see actual leaves (needles technically, I guess) starting to unfurl. And I've seen mountain laurel and wisteria - redbud too - just a hint - a beginning. Color is on the way back.

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Ruth said...

Mama, I'm guessing your "parenting mistakes" comment here is a result of our conversation about the phone and my wanting my mom when I was young...

I didn't mean it like I think it came across. I am very proud of you and the way you did your business--and I think you made the right choices. What hurt me in that instant was not that you made those coices that you did in the past but that your words in the present implied you didn't even know you'd made them. I approve of your priorities--I've always been proud to have a mom who does so much good with her work (even if it meant I felt a little neglected sometimes). I don't think that giving your clients attention when they needed it instead of giving it to me when I wanted it was a parenting mistake--I guess my little inner-girl just wanted to know you'd felt it was a sacrifice too sometimes--I guess I wanted to think that you did it because you knew it was right--not because you'd actually rather spend time on the phone with them than playing with me.